MrB Exclusive Beton concrete industrial engineer and production company was established in Budapest, Hungary, in 2010. The company is already a market leader in technical innovation using the latest concrete building and developing technologies.

We provide a full service for both domestic and foreign customers. If you have an idea or concept in your mind, we will help you make it a reality.

about us

MrB Exclusive Beton is a fairly young company that combines talented designers with experienced production technicians. The processes of sourcing and discovering new technologies is creating a solid foundation enabling us to produce high quality products, that meet the latest standard requirements.



Our team’s substantial experience is comprehensive from production planning to design. Within the organisation, there are raw material researchers, engineers, artists, architects, PR and administrative assistants, all of whom contribute to the evolution of the company. Our staff team all graduated in renowned universities both abroad and home.

The team behind MrB Exclusive Beton uses the latest technical innovations and will continue to develop using the most up to date production methods available.


Why do we do this? Because we all enjoy doing what we do! Not to mention the fact, that it’s fun. We thrive on the challenge of our work at all stages, including design, experimentation, and research for new raw materials.

MrB Exclusive Beton fully appreciates the knowledge of their designers and technicians, involving them from the very first step in the production process in order to obtain the perfect end result.

As with any other company, our goal is to be successful. We measure our success in our customer’s satisfaction after delivering another high quality exclusive tailored product.