The MRB Exclusive Beton is a new Ultra High Performance Concrete - UHPC, which gives unlimited possibilities in architecture, interior design, landscape and product design. The high strength, durability and environmental performance is coupled with a whole wide range of colors and surface appearance. This technology gives the foundation to the MRB Exclusive Beton.

We emphasize continuous materials testing, laboratory tests. From these nano technology research emerged the UHPC, which is ultra-high strength (> 150 MPa), durable and colored. And this material invarious forms and patterns is, what we are producing. The MRB Exclusive Beton, is a new UHPC in Hungary. We developed an optimal mixture of grain size - extremely compact system - where the particles are very close to each other, so the chemical bond becomes really strong. Absorption capacity is very low. All of these are caused by the extremely high compressive, flexural and tensile strength. The resulting material shows a beautiful surface, integrates pigments. Resistant to water, salt corrosion, and various environmental influences. The positive properties of UHPC allow for the creation of thin-walled products (> 6mm). No need for load bearing steelinserts, so significant weight reduction. The material is fully recyclable, materials from bothdomestic mines.

The customers satisfaction and safety is top priority for us, so our products always include safety glass fiber net and our street furniture are allways treated Anti-Graffiti coating.